Leatherhead START

Our aim at Aligned For Life Chiropractic is to provide excellence in health care to the local community irrespective of age, gender, religion, sexuality and social background. We believe that chiropractic care is important for everyone and so we have linked with Leatherhead START to provide care for local homeless people.

Many of people who pass through the hostel are locals who have had very difficult backgrounds. It is a myth that they are all alcoholics or drug users. Many have just fallen on hard times often simultaneously losing their jobs and experiencing the trauma of marriage and relationship break ups. Their confidence and faith in themselves is often at rock bottom. So this is why we also seek to take them on adventure training trips to boost their confidence and give them a sense of achievement. Such activities have included climbing, canoeing, go-kart racing and other similar activities.

By coming to the clinic we hope you feel that you are part of something more than just the chiropractic clinic as, quite frankly, it’s your treatment fee that enables us to work with Leatherhead Start. So when you are having your treatment we hope that you can take pleasure in playing a part in helping a homeless person to be treated not only physically at the clinic but also building their confidence through adventure training.

The team at Aligned For Life Chiropractic value your support and we hope that by coming to the clinic you feel part of something larger within your local community.

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