Shin pain!

Do you suffer with recurring shin pain when running? Most peoples initial thoughts are shin splints, which we refer to as medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS). We used to think that it was caused by some of the muscles around the lower leg but the research would...

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British Masters Indoor National Championships

I was excited to have been chosen by the Royal College of Chiropractors Sports Faculty to join the medical team at the masters athletics indoor national championships. It was a tough weekend treating the athletes but great experience and an amazing opportunity to see...

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Endurance runners – the stretching controversy

A recent article in a sports medicine journal has reviewed the literature regarding the impact of stretching on the performance and injury risk of long-distance runners (anything over 5Km). They concluded that stretching poses no significant advantage to endurance...

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Bookham village day

Aligned for Life Chiropractic at Bookham Village Day On Saturday 18th June Aligned for Life Chiropractic had the delightful experience of being at Bookham Village Day.  It was great to get out in the community and meet so many people and help them start their journey...

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Aligned For Life Chiropractic at Bookham Village Day

Aligned For Life Chiropractic will be at Bookham Village Day on the 18 June 2016; why not pop along and see us. I'm very happy to chat to family and friends about how I might be able to help them with their aches and pains or just offer a bit of advice. There may even...

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Dorking Badminton Club

Many professional sports teams have chiropractors working with them to provide not only emergency care for injured players but to also treat patients to prevent injury and improve performance. Teams that are able to field their best players throughout the season are...

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