International Rhythmic Gymnast, Hannah Martin

Disc removed: ‘treatment is very beneficial…much, much improved’

Geoffrey, retired surveyor

Low back/scoliosis: ‘A tweak here & there keeps me going along very nicely’

Lisa, manager of charity

I would definitely recommend Aligned For Life to friends should they need to see a chiropractor. Within a few hours after the treatment with Paul, I felt so much better.


My wife and I use Paul for our various back and neck problems and have found him to be very knowledgeable and effective. We would not hesitate to recommend him.


It was comfortable and I felt quite at ease with Paul. I did not know what to expect as I had never previously consulted a Chiropractor. The whole experience was quite easy and it certainly helped me. I have already recommended Paul to someone.


I have been very impressed with my treatment at Aligned For Life. Paul is friendly, thorough, and professional. I have a longstanding issue which he has been able to totally alleviate. I completely trust his judgement, and have already recommended him to several people.


I would recommend Paul to others without hesitation. My first visit was a first time experience of chiropractic treatment and I was in real trouble with a work-related injury. Paul was able to get straight to the treatment needed and within a few visits I started to feel much better.


Back/leg length issues: ‘helped a lot & haven’t been happier on the bike!’

Tom, bike mechanic and customer sales

Prolapsed disc agony: ‘it’s amazing! Paul sorted me out…I’m running now.’

Sandra, accounts executive

I was in great pain but Paul made me very relaxed and assured me he would help. He has a very calming way about him. I felt very assured and after a few sessions was able to move a lot easier and felt much better. I have already recommended him to friends and family.


Paul was brilliant, I feel like I have a new body! I wanted to align myself to help me run more efficiently and I have learnt a lot from Paul; he really cares about solving problems instead simply providing short term relief.




Paul was so professional - he actually refused to treat me as, in his opinion, an operation was my only option. I would recommend Paul very highly - he ticked not only the professional box but also the high integrity one.




Paul is very skilled and I started feeling better within a week of treatment. The clinic is clean and has a lovely atmosphere about it as soon as you walk in. Paul also had a great way of putting me at ease whilst he was doing different exercises with me.


You immediately feel relaxed and are informed of every manipulation or type of treatment, its reasons and benefits. It is very easy to get an emergency appointment and if you leave a message, you will always get a call back as soon as it's possible.




Problematic pregnancy: ‘Really helped with my mobility…Definitely recommend, especially if you’re pregnant.’

Paula, housewife

Paul is a great chiropractor, easy to talk to, and thorough in his treatment. I don't feel like he's just making things up to get me to come back, but is more interested in fixing me for good. I have never felt like he's rushed through the treatment either, with Paul always taking the time he needs to do it properly. I travel up from Horsham to see Paul and I have no desire to change to someone closer.




Resolved the pain I had and resolved things I wasn't aware were causing me issues. Aligned For Life only treated me for as long as I needed and never gave unnecessary treatment. If I get the occasional twinge in my back due to me doing something silly, I don't hesitate to go back to Aligned For Life. I recommend them.




I thought the aches and pains were just something I had to live with, and a natural side effect of having children! However, after hearing several other people promote the benefits of chiropractic treatment, I decided to give it a go. At the initial consultation I was quite nervous but Paul was very understanding and answered any questions I had in full. He instantly put me at ease. After a course of treatment my long-term hip pain was fixed, I was as good as new! I would certainly recommend Paul to anyone looking for a competent, friendly and understanding chiropractor.


My daughter was struggling to breastfeed on one side and often cried when she was picked up. A midwife thought that this might be due to tight muscles so it was recommended that I see a chiropractor. I took my four week old for chiropractic treatments with Paul Fraser and afterwards, she was able to turn easily in both directions and no longer had any problems feeding. The treatment was really effective and made both our lives much happier as she could feed effectively and I was less anxious about her feeding and weight gain.




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