Adjustments & Mobilisation

If after a thorough examination your pain has been located to restriction and stiffness in the joints of your body your chiropractor may use adjustments or mobilisation to restore mobility and reduce pain in those areas.


To encourage the joint to move properly a targeted, quick, firm pressure is applied directly to the affected area. This has two benefits: firstly, to free the joint restriction and secondly, to reinstate proper nerve signalling to the brain. At Aligned For Life we typically use either the diversified technique, Thompson drop technique or activator to do this.

Adjusting requires a high degree of skill and is one of the primary techniques that differentiate chiropractors from other practitioners.



In the situations where adjusting may not be appropriate, a manipulation is performed. These provide a gentler and more generalised stretch of the joint and surrounding muscles. When treating elderly or young people and/or the joints in the arms and legs mobilisation is often used over adjustments.

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