Do you suffer with recurring shin pain when running? Most peoples initial thoughts are shin splints, which we refer to as medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS). We used to think that it was caused by some of the muscles around the lower leg but the research would suggest that it is stress to the tibia that is the cause of pain; so it’s basically an overload injury where load exceeds capacity in the tibia. Potential causes of medial tibial stress syndrome are:

  • overtraining with insufficient rest days
  • too much high intensity training  – 80% of endurance athletic training should be low intensity
  • overstriding or narrow stride
  • weak leg muscles: gluteus, hamstring, quadriceps and calf muscles need to strong

What else could cause shin pain? Chronic anterior compartment syndrome and tibial stress fractures are differential diagnosis so if you are concerned about shin pain when running then give Aligned For Life Chiropractic in Leatherhead a call and we can check it out.